“Seasonality is the cornerstone to our menu-planning success,” says Chef Chris Hastings. The Hot and Hot Fish Club Restaurant is one of the best in the South because it only uses the finest and freshest ingredients in their recipes. From the fresh-caught Pacific seafood flown in from Osprey Seafood in San Francisco to the blackberries and Vidalia onions from local Garfrerick Farms of Alpine, Alabama, Hot and Hot goes to great lengths to make sure that what goes into every dish is always fresh and in season.

The Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook contains more than 200 creative and delicious recipes that are organized to reflect the seasonal nature of local ingredients. It features profiles of dozens purveyors who supply the restaurant with the freshest ingredients. With more than 50 full-color photographs, lifestyle menus complete with wine and beer pairings, and a sourcing section, The Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook is your guide to preparing exquisite, fresh cuisine from the hottest restaurant in the South.

What's Inside

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Modesto Bee, October 6, 2009
“It's a gorgeous book that should inspire readers to discover what's in their own back yard.”

Library Journal, 10/09
“Recommended for cooks who want to wow their guests this holiday season.”

Contra Costa Times, November 18, 2009
“…the book, which could masquerade as a coffee table tome, brims with seasonal recipes and beautiful images. We may not be up for roasting an entire pig — although now we know how — but we're eager to try, oh, about 100 of the other recipes…”

Aram Bakshian Jr., Wall Street Journal, 12/19/09
"The book's recipes, from appetizers to desserts, are complemented by sections on basic cooking techniques, dressings and marinades, and side dishes. Everything in this beautifully designed volume is in keeping with the spirit of its co-authors, whose credo is: 'For us food is magic.'"

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
, 6/10/10
“A Celebration of food, family and traditions.’…that’s the subtitle… and it’s a perfect description of the breadth of delights contained in the pages of this joyful compendium of Southern Cuisine.”
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