Smart People Don't Diet

How the Latest Science Can Help You Lose Weight Permanently


By Charlotte Markey

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Being on a diet is a miserable experience for most people, and it rarely leads to the desired goal of shedding fat. In fact, studies show that dieters often gain weight rather than lose it because most diets’ intensity, restrictions, and short duration are ill-equipped to produce long-term effects. In Smart People Don’t Diet, Dr. Charlotte N. Markey offers a refreshingly different approach to weight management.

Based on more than 100 years of research by scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and psychologists, Dr. Markey’s plan addresses the underlying causes of weight gain and offers proven strategies for healthful, lasting weight management, including advice on how to eat well, lose weight, and keep it off. The gimmicks don’t work, but Dr. Markey’s reasonable, accessible advice will help you get — and stay — healthy.


  • Scientific American, February 2015
    "This is possibly the best book on weight loss ever written."

    Taste for Life 9/1/15
    “For those who are tired of quick-fix diets, the approach to weight control outlined in this book may be a welcome relief. There are no strict rules about what and how much you can eat. Instead you'll find a psychological and commonsense approach to losing weight and sustaining that loss long-term. Information on how to analyze your habits and follow a week-by-week plan to make gradual and lasting changes is offered.”

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Charlotte Markey

About the Author

Charlotte N. Markey, Ph.D., is professor of psychology and chair of the psychology department at Rutgers University (Camden). She routinely writes for the award-winning website, focusing primarily on how romantic partners are relevant to individuals’ eating behaviors, body image, and health. Her research has garnered widespread media attention, and she has been featured in and interviewed by the New York Times, the Economist, US News and World Report, Health Day, ABC News, Time Magazine, Health Psychology, the Washington Post, Science Daily, NBC News, Psych Central, Men’s Health, and Psychology Today, as well a as a host of others.

She currently directs the Healthy Development Lab at Rutgers University and serves as a consultant to the Center for State Health Policy at Rutgers University. Dr. Markey collaborates in her research endeavors with her husband, Dr. Patrick Markey, a psychology professor at Villanova University, who changed his entire lifestyle (and gradually lost forty pounds) following her approach to weight management. She has two children.

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