They Moved My Bowl

Dog Cartoons by New Yorker Cartoonist Charles Barsotti


By Charles Barsotti

Foreword by George Booth

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This is the first, and long-overdue, book of CharlesBarsotti’s dog cartoons. Barsotti’s distinctive round pups,rendered in just a few simple lines, have been delighting TheNew Yorker readers for three decades and are instantlyrecognizable for their depiction of canines in human roles.The juxtaposition of their simple world, consistingonly of food, play, and the goings-on of their owners, withthe utterly human tasks of going to therapy, talkingbusiness, or seeing a lawyer, is both adorable and hilarious.A dog standing at a podium announces, “If elected, Ipromise to beg, fetch, and roll over.” An older dog frownsdown at a young pup and says, “Don’t be smug, all puppiesare cute.” An angry dog with brush in hand paints a”BEWARE OF DOG” sign. With an irresistible blend ofbiting humor and affectionate observation, this is a perfectgift book for dog lovers everywhere.



Copyright © 2007 by Charles Barsotti

Foreword copyright © 2007 by George Booth

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First eBook Edition: April 2009

ISBN: 978-0-316-07568-8

"O.K., laugh, but this is going to be my ticket out of here."

"It's O.K. I'm not really in the mood, either."

"I'm back. Move."


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Charles Barsotti

About the Author

Charles Barsotti, formerly the cartoon editor of the Saturday Evening Post, has been a staff cartoonist at the New Yorker since 1970. His work has also appeared in Playboy and Fast Company, among other publications. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

George Booth has been a New Yorker cartoonist since 1969. 

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