Harriet Tubman

The Road to Freedom


By Catherine Clinton

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The definitive biography of one of the most courageous women in American history “reveals Harriet Tubman to be even more remarkable than her legend” (Newsday).

Celebrated for her exploits as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman has entered history as one of nineteenth-century America’s most enduring and important figures. But just who was this remarkable woman? To John Brown, leader of the Harper’s Ferry slave uprising, she was General Tubman. For the many slaves she led north to freedom, she was Moses. To the slaveholders who sought her capture, she was a thief and a trickster. To abolitionists, she was a prophet.

Now, in a biography widely praised for its impeccable research and its compelling narrative, Harriet Tubman is revealed for the first time as a singular and complex character, a woman who defied simple categorization.

“A thrilling reading experience. It expands outward from Tubman’s individual story to give a sweeping, historical vision of slavery.” –NPR’s Fresh Air


  • "A thrilling reading experience. It expands outward from Tubman's individual story to give a sweeping, historical vision of slavery."—NPR's Fresh Air
  • "Clinton's well-researched book reveals Harriet Tubman to be even more remarkable than her legend."—Liza Featherstone, Newsday
  • "Superior. Clinton wisely keeps the focus on Tubman and her remarkable life...This compelling biography brings alive the passion of those tormented times."—Deirdre Donahue, USA Today
  • "A lucid, well-researched biography that contextualizes a remarkable life in all its remarkable accomplishment."—Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, Christian Science Monitor
  • "Reads more like an adventure tale than a history lesson...This biography provides an in-depth look at Harriet Tubman and holds moments of wonder for readers."—Bernadette Adams Davis, BookPage

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Catherine Clinton

About the Author

Catherine Clinton received an undergraduate degree in Afro-American Studies from Harvard University and a PhD in history from Princeton. She has taught at Harvard, Brandeis, Brown, and Wesleyan, and is the author of more than fifteen books. She lives in Connecticut.&nbsp

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