The Ex-Wife

The Ex-Wife

From award-winning author Candice Dow comes a raw, sizzling, and emotional novel about a woman who must fight for what she wants-before she loses everything . . . THE EX-WIFE She’s the hottest relationship expert around. Her get-real advice and tough-world experience have earned Ayana Blue money, fame, and a successful life she never imagined. And handsome Realtor Cameron Small is the sexy, steady Mr. Right she wasn’t looking for yet always hoped she’d find. But Cam’s unstable, in-denial ex-wife, Yasmin, isn’t about to let him go-or allow anyone else take “her place.” And if that means wrecking everything Ayana has worked so hard to build, then so be it. Now with her peace of mind shattered, her private business in the hole, and her reputation on the line, Ayana needs to figure out fast which dreams she can save, and what she’ll have to let go. When it comes down to the ex-wife v. the next-wife, the only thing guaranteed is a scorched-earth battle-and it’s winner takes all . . .
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Genre: Fiction / Fiction / Contemporary Women

On Sale: January 29th 2013

Price: $9.99

Page Count: 304

ISBN-13: 9781455518296

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"This novel is explosive! Candice Dow's non-stop action, edgy characters, and sexy style kept me wanting more. I'll definitely be looking out for her next book."—Miasha, Essence bestselling author of 'Til Death on OFF THE CHAIN
"Candice definitely has a legitimate flavor and I can't wait until the next book is on the shelves."— on OFF THE CHAIN