Loaded with more than 1,000 natural remedies, The Healing Remedies Sourcebook will teach you how to naturally treat common problems, including stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, allergies, the common cold, high blood pressure, even diabetes and obesity.

Based on eight therapeutic backgrounds — Chinese herbal medicine, ayurveda, traditional folk remedies, herbalism, aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower remedies, and vitamins and minerals — this sourcebook is comprehensive and easy-to-use. Simply look up your ailment in the extensive list and find the corresponding remedies, treatments, and answers you need. Whether you’re looking for the ancient Chinese remedy for arthritis or your grandmother’s solution for hiccups, this jam-packed reference book is sure to cure what ails you.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


“A fine pick for any health collection, especially those adding to their natural remedies sections who want a broader viewpoint than many titles offer.”

Desert Independent, 10/12/12
“During these difficult economic times, it is a good idea to do as much as we possibly can without incurring expense for some injuries, which we can treat ourselves. This book is excellent and provides many remedies under various theories of treatment.”

VegNews, November/December 2012
“An amazingly thorough compilation of therapies, remedies and common treatments for just about anything that could ail you, all in a beautifully designed, easily referenced package…If you have an aversion to your physician’s Rx pad, Remedies is the prescription you are looking for.”

Metapsychology Online Reviews, 1/8/13
“This book would prove vital compendium of alternative approaches for medical professionals, as well as for parents and teachers. It would also be of great benefit to people who travel beyond the reach of medical professionals, a handy resource to keep alongside their copy of Werner, Maxwell and Thuman’s Where There Is No Doctor…In short, it is an invaluable resource for those who reside—both geographically and philosophically—far from the modern medical paradigm.”

WomanAroundTown.com, 6/11/12
“An easy to use sourcebook.”

InfoDad.com, 6/14/12
“His discussion of nutrition, in particular his explanation of the efficacy of individual vitamins and minerals, is particularly well done…[Has] a great deal of useful information.”

Valley News, 6/27/12
“This book is the ultimate source for natural, safe, and effective treatments of everyday issues.”

Taste for Life
, August 2012
“[An] indispensible resource.”

Midwest Book Review, July 2012
“A fine pick for any health collection, especially those adding to their natural remedies sections who want a broader viewpoint than many titles offer.”

Spirituality & Practice
“A handy volume to have in your home for emergencies, safe substitutes for conventional medicines, and alternative treatments of repeated ailments.”

Library Journal, 9/1/12
“Multi-sourced, newly updated, and fully revised, this volume will prove highly useful and is a good addition to naturopathy and homeopathy collections.”

Midwest Book Review, July 2012
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