Tastes: Breakfasts with The Currys

A Recipe Sampler from The Seasoned Life


By Ayesha Curry

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Yum! A snack-pack of recipes from The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, and the Joy of Eating Well is now available from Tastes.

Our editors have curated some of the best breakfast recipes from Ayesha Curry’s cookbook that celebrate cooking together as a family for you to test out and enjoy.

With personal anecdotes and 7 recipes from the original book, this sampler is sure to help you plan a breathtaking breakfast with your family or friends!

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The Best Breakfasts

MORNINGS IN MY HOUSE are hit or miss depending on how the night before went. Bedtime with little ones is no joke. We make it as fun and lighthearted as possible and always try to find the silver linings to difficult bedtime routines (and everything else). Needless to say, lavish breakfasts are not always (or even usually!) the norm at our house.

That's perfectly fine with me. I like a quick and simple breakfast, the kind that jumpstarts the day for the whole family. It's how I grew up. My mom always made her Jamaican-spiced cornmeal porridge for me and my siblings, and while I didn't necessarily appreciate it at the time, it certainly fueled our days. These types of breakfasts are good for us because they're homemade and use high-quality—organic when possible—ingredients. Whenever I can, I also apply a few tricks to make them even more nutritious: I love sneaking flaxseed and even chia seeds into my batters to provide that extra boost we all need. The first part of this chapter focuses on these simple, healthful breakfasts.

And then there are those other


  • "Spending an afternoon reading The Seasoned Life is like spending an afternoon with Ayesha at home. It's a relaxed, comfortable book that welcomes you in from the first page, reminding us why we cook: to bring the most important people in our lives together to create memories. Ayesha reassuringly reminds us that cooking doesn't have to be fussy or time-consuming. From her Brown Sugar Bacon with Fennel to her Roasted Potatoes with Lime, her recipes reflect her confidence and creativity in the kitchen. This book is a wonderful addition to any cook's library!"—Amanda Haas, Williams-Sonoma's Culinary Director and author of The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook and Cooking Light Real Family Food
  • "I've had the pleasure of cooking side by side with Ayesha, and this is a special collection of recipes. I have been impressed with her ability to put flavors together in order to create dishes that are bold, balanced, and flavorful. She cooks from the heart, and has created recipes that people can easily recreate at home for their families. The Seasoned Life is a beautiful collection of dishes that every family will be able to enjoy."—Michael Mina, author of Michael Mina: The Cookbook
  • "The social media lightning rod and burgeoning businesswoman shares her tips for feeing your stomach and your soul in her new book."

    Bridgette Bartlett Royall, Essence

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Ayesha Curry

About the Author

Ayesha Curry is the New York Times bestselling author of The Seasoned Life, as well as a celebrated entrepreneur, television host, and restaurateur. She starred in ABC’s Family Food Fight and the EllenTube series Fempire, and is the co-owner of the International Smoke group of restaurants. She has has been featured in Food & Wine, Time, InStyle, Cooking Light, the Wall Street Journal, People, Parents, Good Housekeeping, and USA Today. She is mom to three children, daughters Riley and Ryan and son Canon, and wife to Stephen Curry. She lives in the Bay Area.

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