Teen Titans Go! (TM): Robin Rules!


By Annie Auerbach

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ROBIN is more than just BATMAN’S TM sidekick; he’s the TEEN TITANS’ leader! He likes to be in charge at all times, especially when he’s solving crimes and fighting off bad guys. But what happens when Robin loses his cool? TM & © DC Comics. (s14)


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One Monday afternoon, Beast Boy was sitting in his bedroom playing a video game. Not only was he doing well, his victory looked assured. His eyes glistened with tears of joy.

"This is going to be the greatest achievement of my life," he said, practically weeping.

Just then, Robin kicked open the bedroom door. "Beast Boy! Emergency! No time to explain. Come on, get the car! Gotta go!"

In an instant, Beast Boy flung down the controller and followed Robin out of the room. Beast Boy had been so close to winning the game, and now… it was game over.

Robin sat in the passenger seat next to Beast Boy as the Teen Titans' car raced down the street.

"What's the emergency?" asked Beast Boy.

Robin's eyes narrowed. "Got a monster to deal with."

But Beast Boy was in for a surprise. Robin ordered him to turn into the Burger Splode drive-thru.

"A monster case of the munchies!" explained Robin. He leaned across Beast Boy and shouted into the drive-thru intercom. "A cheeseburger, fries, milk shake, and a small side salad. Stat!"

Beast Boy sat fuming behind the wheel. He gave up his video game win for this?!

On Tuesday, Cyborg hooked himself up for his weekly data backup. A USB cable ran from the computer and plugged right into his head. A large warning displayed on the screen: CAUTION! DO NOT REMOVE CABLE DURING BACKUP. SOME DATA MAY BE LOST.

"Man, these backups seem like they take longer every week," said a bored Cyborg.

At that moment, Robin kicked open the door.

"Cyborg! Emergency! No time to explain!" said Robin. "Come on, get the car. We gotta go!" He grabbed Cyborg, pulling him from the cable.

The screen flashed: WARNING! DATA LOST!

But Cyborg wasn't there to see it. He was already in the driver's seat of the car, zooming along. When Robin told him to pull over at the Game Bear store, Cyborg was confused.

Robin jumped out of the car before Cyborg could say a word. In a flash, Robin was in and out of the store. He held up a new video game.

"Check it out," Robin said smugly. "Dog Simulator 2000!"

Cyborg was so shocked and annoyed, he swatted the game out of Robin's hands and onto the ground.


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Oct 7, 2014
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Annie Auerbach

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Annie Auerbach is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 100 books for children.

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