Anjeleh Johnson had two dreams as a kid: to be an actress and to be a chola.

You may know Anjelah Johnson for her viral sketch "Nail Salon" (over 30 million views) or her beloved ghetto-fabulous MadTV character Bon Qui Qui, but it's her clean humor and hilarious storytelling that make her one of the most successful stand-up comedians today. 

In Who Do I Think I Am? Anjeleh shares hilarious stories about her life, from her irrational fear of death (“Please Don’t Die, Okay?”) to growing up caught between two worlds ("I'm Mexican/Hella American") to her cultural pride (“Chola Wishes & Caviar Dreams”). Of course, like any good Latina, she offers a choice of stories that are mild (“I Love Jesus But I Will Punch A ‘Ho), medium (“Chin-checked by Prince”) and spicy (“I’m Dating You Cuz I’m Hungry”).

The book follows Anjelah’s unlikely journey as she transforms from a suburban kid with Aquanet-drenched hair into a conservative Christian who abstains from drinking and premarital sex, into a mall-famous Raider cheerleader, and then an actually famous comedian traveling the world and meeting people from all-walks of life. As she travels the world, Anjelah has eye-opening experiences, and she morphs from square, rigid Anjelah into “Funjelah,” and learns that she can still ride with Jesus without squashing the other parts of her personality.

Anjelah's stories explore subjects such as embracing–and sometimes trying too hard to embrace–your racial identity, finding your place in the world and chasing your crazy dreams, the messiness of an evolving faith, and searching for belonging and meaning. Through her journey, Anjelah discovers her true identity, found only in the all-encompassing love of God, and encourages readers to have the audacity to dream big and fight to achieve their goals, no matter what obstacles they may face. 

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


“Anjelah represents our community and our stories that are important, hilarious and relatable to everyone. She’s awesome!”

Fluffy (Gabriel Iglesias)
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