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She by Grace Elizabeth

I’m not sure what to call what I saw that night. Part of me wants to call it a vampire, but that just makes me think of the Twilight saga, and this is far from a glittery, hot, sweet romance story.

Maybe it was a ghost, or I venture to say a demon.

Well anyway, it was my sophomore year in college and my roommate was going on a, and I quote, “Super sweet romantic camping trip” with her boyfriend, which means I had the apartment all to myself.

The fact that I was alone made me paranoid. I didn’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural like that, but I was really freaked out by burglars.

I wish it had been burglars.

After typing a paper all night I had gone to bed and was now half asleep. The apartment seemed to groan, like it was restless. It was an old building and the walls creaked often, so I just ignored it.

But then came a sound I hadn’t heard. It was a rough sound, like someone was continuously dragging their shoulder across the walls of my room. The bodiless sound made a few more laps around the room when it suddenly stopped altogether.

The silence was thick for a moment.

Then, like the flick of a switch, she was just there.

Lying across from me, there she was. She was staring into me with unnaturally large, soulless purple eyes, her pitch-black hair hung off her head like dead leaves, as lifeless as her eyes.

Suddenly but slowly, she reached her hand out and touched my cheek, the skin as about as soft was a rock and pure white, a complete contrast to her hair.

The touch seemed innocent enough. Then it moved to the back of my ear, where she suddenly yanked with her long fingernails.

I cried out in pain, thinking my ear was going to be ripped off. I glanced up to see she had opened a black hole of a mouth filled with fangs. I shut my eyes again.

Suddenly I felt myself fly off the bed, and then I felt as if I was flying through space.

And… well… Honestly I can’t remember much about what happened after that. All I know now is that I am one of them.

But I don’t want to be.