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My Grade School Haunting by Caroline Milam

People say ghosts aren’t real and it’s all a hoax, but I know it’s not. Spirits can possess both adults and children. I witnessed this firsthand back in elementary school.

During recess one day when I was in grade school, my friend Nova and I were playing by an old sewage pipe that most kids we knew stayed far away from. They told us it was haunted but I didn’t believe it. In fact, to prove it, I went up to the pipe and peered inside the dark hole. While I felt a little scared, I didn’t want Nova to know it. I stepped inside and she followed suit.

“I’m getting a weird feeling from this place, Baby,” said Nova as she stood shivering behind me.

“Don’t be such a baby,” I teased, but I felt it too. Suddenly, a dark feeling overcame me. I got so scared that I grabbed Nova’s hand to drag her out of the pipe but she wouldn’t budge. She just stood there, her mouth hanging open, eyes rolling into the back of her head. I stood there, frozen for a moment before running away to get a teacher. When a teacher and I returned, Nova was standing outside of the sewage pipe holding a sharp piece of wood in her hand and the creepiest smile on her face. She stood still; her creepy smile taunting me. Suddenly, she lunged at us.

The teacher swiftly pinned Nova to the ground but was thrown off. I began to run, screaming at the top of my lungs, when an unearthly voice called out from behind me. “You can’t keep running from me, Baby.”

I ran into the school and hid underneath a teacher’s desk in one of the classrooms. I didn’t know where to go or what to do, but I knew that I shouldn’t leave the safety of my hiding spot. After a few minutes, Nova entered the room, her eyes looking wildly around. She was searching for me. Then the moment came when she looked directly at me. “So this is how it all ends,” I thought. I closed my eyes and began to pray. I waited for Nova to come and get me but nothing happened. When I opened my eyes, I saw my sister, Tara, who had died the year before. She looked exactly as she had when I last saw her, only now she had the most beautiful pair of white wings. She smiled at me and I realized she was a guardian angel sent to protect me.

The sound of police sirens outside the school snapped me back into reality. My sister had vanished. I peeked out from underneath the desk to make sure it was safe to get up. Once I was sure Nova was no longer in the room, I ran outside the building. There stood Nova, being handcuffed by two police officers. A group gathered to find out the details about what happened. When they heard about the sewage pipe, one of the older teachers suggested an exorcism. A priest in the group began chanting and blood came pouring out of Nova’s eyes. She screamed and arched her back revealing that the numbers 666 were carved into her stomach. I held the cross I was given. “Lord above, please help this priest bring my best friend back. Please, Lord, she’s my best friend and I’ll never forgive myself for leaving her in the sewage pipe if something happens to her.”

As the priest prayed, I begged God to bring Nova back. Suddenly, the most brilliant white light began pouring out of her eyes and mouth. She quivered and fell to the ground. I stood, silent, waiting to see what would happen. Nova shook her head, looked up at me, and said, “Baby? Who’s the chicken now?” She then hopped up and hugged me. She was back! She didn’t seem to know what happened. I talked to the police and they agreed to go with the priest to the sewage pipe to see if he could get rid of the bad spirits in there. Once we got to the pipe, I had the “knowing” that the evil spirit had claimed a total of 66 children’s souls.  As the priest performed his exorcism on the tunnel, I felt happy for the spirits that would finally be able to rest in peace.

After a few hours of praying, the priest said that the sewage tunnel was no longer a place where evil lived and we all went home for the night. As I lay down to sleep, I heard a voice say, “I will be back and when I do, you will die…”

From that day on I have always watched my back and slept with my cross.