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Los Niños Perdidos/The Lost Children by StartSelect

It was a very quiet night in a city at the northern side of the country. It was weird for the night to be so calm because usually you would hear a lot of activity in the streets at night. I live in a very old house with painting that cover all the walls of the house. The paintings have very dull and gray colors but they help decorate the gloomy look that the house has. We had just recently moved here. My father is a very wealthy man who has made a lot of money and he has expanded his business all over the world. My mother is a very kind woman who is always worried about those who are less fortunate. My parents are usually traveling or going to meetings and I rarely get a chance to talk to either one of them.

I’m 9 years old and my name is Jessy, it’s getting close to bedtime for me. The housekeeper always brings me a glass of warm milk with cookies and after I take them I brush my teeth and go to bed so she can read me a story. Then I get up in the morning and go to school. I spend the rest of the time alone in this house in the company of my dolls. I have no friends in his city and I tend to feel very sad about this.

I remember one night I was sleeping and I heard a loud noise inside my room. I woke up, turned on the light to look around and saw nothing. I decided to just go back to sleep and no more than a few seconds after I did that I heard the noise all over again. This time it was louder and I heard it right next to my bed. I immediately turned my night lamp on and I saw a child in front of my bed who looked just about my age.

I jumped out of my bed and put my back against the wall as I screamed, he looked at me and gave me a signal to shush by lifting his arm slowly and placing his index finger on his lips. He started looking around the room as if he was afraid that someone else would see him. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in there. I waited a few minutes and I did not hear anything outside so I decided to take a peek to see if this id was still there. To my surprise I was now looking at the hallway of my house instead of my room. I was speechless because it made no sense. How could I be looking at the hallway if I was in my bedroom bathroom?

I looked back and I saw what looked like 7 or 8 children behind me. They had pale faces and their eyes looked lost, almost like zombies. They all gave me the same sign that the child in the room did, they wanted me to shush. I wanted to run and scream but I was frozen with fear. Everything was very confusing and I closed my eyes because I wanted to see if I was dreaming, but when I opened my eyes once again things got even worse. I was now in a very dark place. It was a humid and dark place that looked like a tunnel. I was running without any idea where I was going. I could hear whispers from children who called my name. I say a room at the end of the tunnel and I heard the whispers of the children calling my name.

I made it to this room and I saw all the children inside a circle made of chalk and they were surrounded by a bunch of small creates with large feet an deformed toes, their faces covered with hair an rotten teeth. Their eyes looked like they has fire inside them. I was paralyzed by their gaze and I felt like I wanted to be able to help this poor children because this creatures wanted to sacrifice them. I saw one of those creatures approaching me and I was about to get grabbed by one of them I woke up and I had my mother right next to me saying “don’t worry honey, it was just a nightmare”. I still hear those children whispering my name from time to time and I wake up with bruises on my arms. My mom says I probably hurt myself in my sleep and honestly I truly want to believe that this is the case because I’m too scared to admit that this could all be true and there is another dimension with creatures waiting for me.