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A Ghost Encounter Story by Harold

Hey Sunny Sunshine,

Ghosts are real man, I’m telling you!

Let me tell you about the time I got a call from a friend of mine begging me for help.  She’s all supernaturally inclined, believes in dark spirits and things.  I didn’t, but that is until well…  she gave me that call.

She kept saying she can’t stand it any more, said that she had to leave, saying that her home was haunted.  I thought she was trying to pull my leg, but the next thing I know she shows up at my place.  She begged me to stay at her place with her, she didn’t feel safe alone in her house.


I gave in and went with her just to humor her. But when we got there the lights would not turn on. I thought maybe it was the breakers. Luckily, I had brought a flashlight. We entered the house and found every door and cupboard in the house unlocked and left open. She said that every night for the past week she would wake up to them like that. When I went down to the basement, something felt weird- that’s one of the reasons she called, she could not bring herself to go down alone to get to the power box. The darkness felt thick and it was hard to breath. The worst part was the absolute stillness. Not the kind that you get when there was no power, no it was absolutely still and quiet. Now I did not think much of it- but then the cupboards upstairs slammed shut, we were the only ones in the house. A chill ran up my spine.

Then there was this voice.  No, more like a whisper saying “get out” inches away from my ear, the air by my face was as cold as ice.  My friend ran upstairs as fast as she could leaving me behind in the dark.  She was holding the flashlight.  Again, the voice said get out, and I did my best to find the stares and followed my friend out of the house to the front lawn.

We left for my place and didn’t come back until the next day in broad daylight. And even then I didn’t feel great about going in!

Has anyone dealt with something like this before? What do you think?

Your biggest fan,