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Get To Know: Daisy Auger-Domínguez

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Get to Know Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Daisy Auger-Domínguez (she/her/ella) is the chief people officer at Vice Media Group. She was formerly Google’s director of global diversity and inclusion strategy and global head of diversity staffing. She also served as the VP, talent acquisition and workforce diversity at Disney ABC Television Group, and she was the founder and CEO of Auger-Domínguez Ventures, a consultancy specializing in inclusive workplace culture theory and practice. She has earned a Community Service Leadership Award from the New York City Council and was named one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in People en Español

Racial inequality in the workplace is a problem we can solve. In Inclusion Revolution, Daisy Auger-Domínguez provides frank answers to why popular efforts fail. She then presents the definitive roadmap for revolution, through her dynamic step-by-step process: Reflect, Visualize, Act, and Persist. She offers proven, research-based strategies for racially inclusive management. Racial inequality in the workplace is a problem we can solve. Inclusion Revolution offers the necessary tools for managers to address issues of race, power, and exclusion, to build change that lasts. Because through the best teams, companies can finally create a stronger future.

What is the view from your writing space?

I know they say not to place your desk in front of a wall but the setup in my office makes it impossible not to do so. However, a window and glass door to my right that opens up to my backyard, bring in a lovely light into the room during the day. In front of me, I have my favorite piece of art, two framed post-its from my husband and daughter that say: Love you, guess who, and Love you too, guess who. Next to it, are a broad set of post-its with inspirational quotes such as “Engage in this work as if change is possible”, reflection questions that help get me out of my head “what’s your truth today?” and my 2022 intentions, my accountability reminder. I also have “to do” lists everywhere – from what I need to achieve that day, that week or what I need to do next to promote the book.  
Nowadays, I spend the bulk of my time in my office so it’s gotta have all the things that bring me comfort and joy. On my desk you’ll find two computers – one for work to my left and one in the center for personal matters – that’s the one that I wrote my book on. Since the start of the pandemic, I can’t read anything on screen or paper without glasses so I have my fave ones readily available. My desk is full of papers, notebooks and pens (because I like the physical act of writing), lipsticks and lip gloss (because, constant video).

Daisy working from her writing desk
What are you reading?

I read. all. the. time. for both pleasure and to keep abreast of new and emerging thinking across a wide variety of sectors and areas of interest. My husband recently gifted me The Essential June Jordan, a stunning collection of timeless poetry which is a nice switch up from my usual reading. I also love to support my friend authors, including Reshma Saujani, Anita Hill, Alicia Menendez, Veronica Chambers, Carmen Rita Wong, Minda Harts, Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez, and Susan McPherson. I also read newsletters regularly, some of my go-tos: Fortune’s RaceAhead, CharterWorks, HR Brew and The Briefing.

Do you have a favorite place to read?

I love reading on the sofa in my living room. The light that comes in from the street view is spectacular. On sunny days, this part of our home radiates a lovely glow and warmth. I’ve also decorated it to be a personal oasis, including plants, books, and artwork that bring me joy.

Daisy reading a book on her sofa.
What inspired you to write Inclusion Revolution?

Inclusion Revolution is the book I wish I had when I started doing this work two decades ago. I firmly believe that inequity at work is a problem we can solve, and that managers are the key to building workplace cultures where principles of diversity, equity and inclusion are baked into everyday work processes and experiences. Managers are the linchpin of their organizations – they’re the ones who explain, enforce and carry out resource allocation decisions, performance management and behavioral expectations. They hold the most impact on retention, morale, trust, wellbeing and productivity on their teams. Yet they don’t often receive the right support from their leadership and, as a result, can find themselves not knowing where to start or how to move forward in nurturing diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.  

I wanted my book to be different – not a check-the-box blueprint – but rather a book for those willing to examine the implications of their language, behavior and actions, because we must look inward before we look outward. A book that would offer bold policies, better practices and real ideas, learned from smart people who have been at this for a long time, that anyone can implement to chip away at problematic biases, norms, behaviors, processes and systems across their organizations. And I wanted to write a book that would inspire reflection, vision, action and persistence (my model of change), to build change that lasts.
I also wanted to share my truth, and the truth of so many I’ve worked with over the years. I want to create conditions for change at work because I know what it feels like to be underestimated and undervalued to the point where you give up small parts of yourself, let your courage shrink and your voice diminish. I’ve seen talented women and BIPOC marginalized and sidelined, and I know we can do better.

What are you listening to?

Another amazing present, this one for Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos (also known as the Epiphany) from my husband, is La Historia de Menudo Grandes Éxitos. I grew up in the Dominican Republic where I would receive the majority of my gifts not on Christmas Day but from the three kings on January 6th. We’ve maintained this cultural tradition for my daughter. I’ve loved reminiscing about my youth through the songs in this album and embarrassing my daughter with my dance moves.

Menudo album
What are you watching?

I love to consume media, especially TV and video nowadays as I’m terribly missing live theater, another passion of mine. I recently binged watched Gloria Calderon Kellet’s With Love on Amazon. I am a huge fan of her work and adored her reboot of One Day at a Time with a Latinx cast.  Watching those shows with my daughter was like gifting her a piece of my culture that I can rarely share with her through the media we consume.  I’m also loving “And Just Like That”, HBO’s revival of Sex and the City – it’s delicious. OK, I have many guilty pleasures, among them, Succession, This is Us, Blackish, and so many more…

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