Three Fun Exercises to Get Kids Moving

Sometimes you can’t get kids to stop moving! But whether you’re an educator or a parent, there are times when you need to introduce a quick, snappy exercise to boost morale, get energy flowing, and shake things up.


These three tried-and-true exercises are fun ways of encouraging children to explore different movements in their bodies—from flexibility to feet of fury. They’ll have so much fun, they won’t know they’re exercising at all. 


Yoga Poses

They might not be totally ready for the full Ashtanga Vinyasa series after this, but kids love to strike a pose, especially if the poses challenge them to breathe, stretch, and balance on one foot! “Kids don’t consciously realize the yoga flow has calmed their bodies,” says Nora Shalaway Carpenter, certified yoga instructor and author of Yoga Frog. “They just know yoga is fun and feels good.” 


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Karate Kicks

An informal introduction to the martial arts, these three different motions from the picture book Karate Kid teach different types of karate kicks. And who doesn’t want an excuse to kick? Take the kids in your care outside and give them a wide berth and see how high they can get their legs as they can kick the air.


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Animal Imitations

Who needs sit-ups or jumping jacks when you can work those same activities into playing pretend? Jumping like a kangaroo or frog builds strength and improves muscle tone. Wriggling like a snake encourages kids to engage their core.

Make a list of animals and challenge kids to move like each one. A nice bonus: you’ll engage their creativity and observational skills at the same time.

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