Pick a Decade, Get a Book

When I was a kid, my favorite way of learning about history was through books. (You know what? To this day I prefer getting my history knowledge from books…and Wikipedia). I guess it’s because in my mind, I wasn’t learning anything, I was just reading. And yet, when I finished the book, I suddenly had this vision of some moment in the past; that moment had outlines, shadows, movement, and color. Suddenly, I understood something about history I hadn’t before.

Maybe it’s like when parents blend broccoli into mac and cheese sauce—keeping the vegetable out of sight—but with great historical books, you get to experience history as a story, not a lesson. Whether your young reader is a history nerd or history-allergic, they’re sure to love these exciting, adventurous, historical books. All they have to do is pick a decade they’re curious about, and we’ll give them a book they’ll love!