Four Breathing Meditations For Anxious Kids


It is normal for children to experience anxiety, but we need to provide them with vocabulary and tools for coping with those feelings. One simple tool for calming anxious thoughts is meditation. And it isn’t just for adults!


Mallika Chopra is a wellness expert whose books for children explore safe and healthy ways for kids to express themselves, understand their feelings, and lead happier lives. Pulled straight from her guide for kids, these four breathing techniques here are designed to help kids with everyday struggles, like dealing with stress, relaxing, building confidence, focus, and relieving anxiety. 


Each one takes less than a minute and can be practiced throughout the day. Think of these exercises as the building blocks of meditation; a starting-off point for kids to create their own mindful meditation practice. 


a child sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed

Just Breathe


It takes only a minute, and you can do it anywhere, anytime. All you need is a comfortable place to sit and the patience to gently follow your breath. It is one of the most powerful ways to relax; a little goes a very long way.


View the Breathing Meditation instructions from Just Breathe






Blow the Butterflies Away


Anxiety can be an overwhelming and painful experience for kids and adults alike. This breathing exercise teaches kids to imagine their worries as butterflies, and visualize blowing them away. Once kids master the exercise, it’s a calming way to overcome nerves, fears, and worries of all kinds.


View the Blow the Butterflies Away meditation instructions from Just Breathe





Step By Step


This exercise is a walking meditation designed to help kids slow down. By noticing how their bodies move on a very slow walk, kids can learn to unite their movements, breathing, and mind. When life feels like too much, it can help to remember that all we need to do is keep breathing and moving.


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Four Breaths With Fingers


This is a soothing technique that combines the gentlest, simplest movements with focused breath. The goal is to help kids find their own way through moments of anger, frustration, and panic. 


Download the Four Breaths with Fingers meditation instructions from Just Breathe




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