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HSB brings speakers from a wide range of expertise in business, leadership, literature, current affairs, social justice, diversity & inclusion, history, parenting, medicine, inspiration, psychology, humor, and many more, into direct contact with audiences looking to expand their knowledge and be entertained.

HSB speakers are available for select paid in-person or virtual events, including conferences, keynotes, lecture series, library visits, convocations, First Year Experience events, community reads, school visits, and more. HSB can help you find the perfect speaker for your special event.

Search our website for a speaker who fits your needs or contact us today to discuss your event. We’d love to hear from you!

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David Ambroz

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Kathryn Kolbert

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Daniela Pierre-Bravo

Kate T. Parker

I want these images to combat those negative voices that tell us we’re not good enough or thin enough or whatever enough. Because we are far more than enough!

James Patterson

N.K. Jemisin

Patricia Schultz