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Adventure to the Dark Planet

Edgar must travel deeper into Atherton than ever before, avoiding treacherous holes, electrifying firebugs and finally, the burning bridgeof stone!

Visit the Atherton site to discover more about the latest novel in the series: The Dark Planet!

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Cannons Fire!

The Vampirates “Cannons Fire!” Game

Avast ye, matey! Take to the gunwalls and hit those broadsides!

Play the Vampirates' "Cannons Fire!" game to see how much loot you can earn firing the cannons from the ship deck.

And if you have fun playing the game, explore the entire Vampirates website at!

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Play Kitty Clues and write Rumblewick's Diary!

Want to make Rumblewick go totally bats on a broomstick? Play Kitty clues to reveal your very own diary entry!!

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Frequenaut Flyer!

Get ready to blast off to another frequency in Ignatius Macfarland's homemade rocket and play the FREQUENAUT FLYER video game!

And visit to learn more about the book and read an excerpt!

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The Suddenly Supernatural Crystal Ball.... KNOWS ALL!!!

Feeling uncertain? Too many questions and not enough answers?

Ask the Suddenly Supernatural Crystal Ball a question that can be answered with a YES or NO answer, and the knowledge you seek shall be revealed....

And don't forget to check out the book: Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel.

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Help Save Mr. Benedict!

Join the Mysterious Benedict Society on a perilous journey to save Mr. Benedict. You must complete the seven levels of this game to save Mr. Benedict from his captors. Are you up for the challenge?

If you enjoyed this game, try your hand at other Mysterious Benedict Society activities at

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Secret Skeeball!

Try your hand a this skeeball game and you just might win a fancy prize.

And if you have fun playing this game, you might want to spend some time at the carnival located HERE AT THIS SECRET WEBSITE, but tell no one!

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Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?

If so, please take our Mysterious Benedict Society tests to see if you qualify!

And if you have fun with these games, visit the Mysterious Benedict Society website at

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Wiley & Grampa's Monster Food Fight!

Vampires, zombies, wild fish and more! Whack all the monsters, but be careful to not get Wiley, Grampa, Merle, or Gramma. Trust us, you don't want to make Gramma angry!

And if you enjoy this game, visit for more fun!

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Maximum Ride Rescue Game

Angel has been captured! It is up to you to rescue her. But beware the Erasers and Whitecoats that roam the halls. If they see you, the rescue is a bust!


And for more maximum fun, visit the Maximum Ride website!

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Pets Go Pop!

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