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“T.M. Logan’s latest nail-biter…THE VACATION is a virtual holiday.”–Washington Post

In The Vacation, a captivating thriller from T. M. Logan, the bestselling author of Lies and 29 Seconds, four best friends on a dream vacation come face-to-face with an explosive secret.

It was supposed to be the perfect getaway: Kate and her three best friends, spending a week with their families in a luxurious villa in the south of France. Through the decades they’ve stayed closer than ever, and seven days of drinking crisp French wine and laying out under the dazzling Mediterranean sun is the perfect celebration of their friendship. But soon after arriving, Kate discovers an incriminating text on her husband’s cell phone.

A text revealing that he’s having an affair.

And that the other woman is one of her best friends.

But which one?

Trapped in paradise with no one to trust, Kate is determined to find out who has put her marriage–and a lifelong friendship–in jeopardy. But as she closes in on the truth, she realizes that the stakes are higher than she ever imagined. Everyone on the trip has secrets…and someone may be prepared to kill to keep theirs hidden.


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I remember when The Vacation started coming together. It was on my birthday, a long lunch with my wife talking about story and characters, plotlines and locations, when all the different elements that had been going around in my head for a while started to fall into place. So, to Sally—thanks, as always. A big shout-out also to her longtime friends Charlotte, Jenni, and Rachel: the fact that you four have been going away for long weekends together for years is a total coincidence (honest).

Thanks as ever to my excellent agent, Camilla Bolton, whose experience, guidance, and enthusiasm were crucial in the creation of this novel. And to her colleagues at Darley Anderson—Sheila, Mary, Kristina, Rosanna, Roya—you are the best.

My brilliant editors at Bonnier Zaffre, Sophie Orme and Margaret Stead, helped to make this story better in every way. Thanks also to Jennie Rothwell, Francesca Russell, and Felice McKeown, for all their hard work behind the scenes on this and my previous novels.

Massive thanks to you, for picking up this book in the first place. To everyone who has recommended it to a friend or had kind words to say about this or my previous two books—I really do appreciate it.

Likewise, to all the bloggers who have given time and space to my stories, the wonderful library staff who have asked me to come and talk to readers, the festival organizers who have invited me to speak at their events—sincere thanks. I’m very grateful to Dan Donson of Waterstones Nottingham, for providing a wonderful venue for my book launches and giving me the opportunity to meet one of my very favorite writers, Michael Connelly.

Thanks to Dr. Gill Sare, for advice on medical matters. I’m also indebted to Paul Boyer, French winemaker extraordinaire, who was very generous with his time talking about all things Languedoc (his organic wines also come highly recommended). Thank you to my fellow author Diane Jeffrey, for help with the French text, and for putting me in touch with Michael Moran who answered my questions on French policing. Anyone who has been to Autignac or the surrounding area will know I’ve taken a few liberties with the local geography, for story purposes, but it remains an absolutely delightful little village in a beautiful part of southern France.

To my children, Sophie and Tom—thanks for being two of my first readers, and for picking up things that no one else has seen. To my mum and dad, for their continuing support, and to Jenny and Bernard, John and Sue for promoting my books at home and abroad (you really should be on commission).

This book is dedicated to my big brothers, Ralph and Ollie, with whom I shared a lot of holidays when we were growing up—luckily, they were never like Jake and Ethan (although they did bury me in a hole in the garden once). Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, your ideas, and your interest in my writing over the years. The beers are on me.

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