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Murder on the Safari Star: Adventures on Trains #3

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ON SALE: February 22nd 2022

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends


In this third book of the middle-grade Adventures on Trains series by M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman, amateur sleuth Hal Beck travels to South Africa with his uncle to a ride a famous train…and stumbles onto a murder mystery!

Following his adventure on the California Comet, artist and amateur sleuth Hal Beck is looking forward to another railway journey with Nat, his journalist uncle–this time riding the historic Safari Star through South Africa. Then the already eventful journey becomes even more so when one of their fellow passengers dies on board!

Accident . . . or murder?

With help from a new friend, Winston (and his mongoose, Chipo), Hal is determined to figure out if a murder has really taken place and, if so, who among a long list of suspects is the killer–all before the Safari Star arrives at its final destination.

What's Inside

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