“Mental toughness is the natural or developed psychological edge that results from a collection of skills, attributes, values, emotions, and behaviors that allow people to overcome any obstacle, adversity, or pressure as well as deal with the general day-to-day demands (lifestyle, training, competition) placed upon them and still remain consistent, focused, confident, and motivated to achieve their goals.”Fortitude is a guide for high performing athletes and business professionals on understanding mental toughness, how to build and sustain it over time. Kate Allgood built her business helping individuals like you learn what it takes to perform under pressure. In this book you’ll discover:* What you need to know to build real and long lasting confidence* How to improve the ability to focus and refocus * The power of mindfulness* How to build motivation in yourself and others * And much, much, more! “Kate is a force in the sports business and with her new book she brings the best insight directly to your field of play.”~Jeremy M. Evans, Founder of and Managing Attorney at California Sports Lawyer(r) “If you want to step up your game, your business or just kill it in life, Fortitude is an easy to read guide to do it.”- Majo Orellana – Pro Athlete, Coach and Entrepreneur

What's Inside

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