Carl Franz

Carl Franz and Lorena Havens have been exploring Mexico since the early 1960s. The warm, easygoing style and personal insights of the writer/editor team have inspired generations of travelers. When not on the road—or living somewhere in Mexico—they can usually be found in their pioneer-era log cabin in the North Cascade Mountains.

Felisa Churpa Rosa Rogers grew up on the back roads of Mexico. Previous readers of The People’s Guide to Mexico will recognize Churpa as the daughter of Steve Rogers, Carl and Lorena’s much-loved coauthor. Churpa grew up in Mexico, under the tutelage of Steve and Tina Rosa, and inherited her father’s legendary affection for good food, hot chiles and offbeat adventure. She now combines these qualities with a delightfully twisted sense of humor and a very serious talent for writing. When not working on People's Guide projects, she writes for and other publications. She and her husband Rich live in Oregon’s Coast Range. You can find more of Churpa’s writing on
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