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IF YOU LIVE IN A BIG CITY, does your neighborhood look and feel the same way it did when you first moved in? Has it stayed clean in recent years, or is it defiled by trash, graffiti, used needles, and human waste? Do you feel safe letting your kids ride their bikes alone? Have you had to explain to them what that homeless man is smoking on the sidewalk?

Or did you move to a suburb, hoping to escape the crime, homelessness, and despair of big city life only to find these problems followed you to your new home? Have more homeless addicts popped up? Have your taxes soared? Is your kid’s school pushing values in conflict with your own? For millions of Americans, and perhaps yourself, the answer to these questions is a resounding yes. In many cities and towns, the Radical Left has taken control of the Democrat Party and transformed the places you live and love into unmitigated failures by ramming through disastrous virtue-​signaling, woke policies.

But some of you answered no. Sure, there are problems popping up around your community, but they seem manageable. After all, there’s no perfect community. You’re confident that your neighborhood could never devolve into chaos. Well, I hate to burst your bubble. Crime, drug addiction, homelessness, left-​wing school indoctrination, so‑called “inclusive” housing policies, and outrageous taxes don’t stay within big city limits forever. They don’t even stay in liberal cities. It’s not Las Vegas. What happens in Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and other cities run by the Radical Left doesn’t stay there. The effects of ideologically-​driven left-​wing policies always spread. Activists pushing policy changes in Democrat strongholds inspire like-​minded ideologues in other cities to step up and organize for change. It’s why they see more policy victories than we expect.

Activists on the Radical Left are more organized than those on the Right. They’re more organized than those of you who don’t have a firm ideological position. You vote for who you think best serves your community and believe no one party can completely define your interests and views. You like some ideas on the Left, others on the Right, and you vote with your gut, not with a political identity you casually identity with. How in the world do you find like-​minded people to join you in a political fight to retake your communities? And even if you could find them, would you have the time to do what’s necessary to make meaningful change?

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Jason Rantz

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Jason Rantz is the host of The Jason Rantz Show, a top-rated talk show weekdays in afternoon drive on Western Washington's dominant conservative talk station, KTTH 770AM/94.5 FM in Seattle. The show reaches tens of thousands of live listeners and more through the show's podcast. He is a frequent Fox News guest, particularly on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show, where he regularly reports and analyzes the madness in progressive cities.

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