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The Dirty Half Dozen

Six Radical Rules to Make Relationships Last

Say goodbye to conventional wisdom and say hello to "The Dirty Half Dozen--a fresh, iconoclastic set of rules as seen on "Donahue and in "Self magazine and demonstrated to improve relationships dramatically. Based on thirty years of psychiatric literature, including over 1,000 studies on relationships, as well as the author's own personal relationship experience, this book shows how satisfying, long-term relationships are not about abstract concepts like romance, honesty, or intimacy. They are about something far more simple. Learn the value of the little white lie, the destructive potential of the "petty" differences, the myth of the perfect relationship, the care and feeding of the happy, lasting relationship within tension free-surroundings and other secrets that every couple needs to know.

Genre: Family & Relationships, Language Arts & Disciplines

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ISBN-13: 9780759562080

Grand Central Publishing