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The Moses Quest
The Moses Quest

The Moses Quest

Previously published in hardcover as The Exodus Quest

Facts collide with fiction in the pulse-pounding sequel to the highly praised The Alexander Cipher, featuring archaeologist Daniel Knox and linguist Gaille Bonnard.
On a dusty market street in Alexandria, Egyptologist Daniel Knox stumbles across a Dead Sea Scroll jar, a unique find that puts him on the trail of an ancient Jewish sect and a possible explanation for one of the greatest mysteries of all time. The sojourn in Egypt and the ensuing exodus with Moses are among the founding stories of Judaism. So why is there not a single mention of them in Egyptian records?

Gaille Bonnard, Knox's partner, is abducted and a hostage tape threatening her murder is run on TV. Certain that Gaille has hidden a message to him in the broadcast, Knox races across Egypt, desperate to save her before it's too late. Tangling with a murderously zealous preacher, celebrity pseudo-archaeologists, and renegade Egyptian policemen, Knox follows Gaille's clue to the ancient city of Amarna and the tomb of the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten-where he just might find the answer to one of the most important puzzles in history.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780446563215

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