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Coxeman #13
Coxeman #13

Coxeman #13

Whatever Goes Up

Until Rod Damon-The Coxeman-saw the bikini-clad beauties flying, he really believed only the birds and the bees did it.

But there was something definitely unnatural about this trio of deadly dames who try to blow him apart. How did they get up there? Who were they working for? If the enemy controlled this invention it could prove to be America's downfall.

To get his hands on their gadgets, Rod had to get to the girls. But what Rod didn't bargain for was that the girls were dying to get their hands on him...and they weren't planning to let him go until his heart petered out.

Girding his loins in his inimitable manner, Rod plunges into the mystery with a big bang!

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780446541404

Grand Central Publishing