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Coxeman #11
Coxeman #11

Coxeman #11

It's What's Up Front That Counts

The Coxeman knows how Lord Brice-Benington would answer that one. He was a big prig lusting for love but too up-tight to have a go at it.

So Rod arranges a friendly little love-in to get a rise out of the old boy. Why was Rod so good to him? For the very best reasons: Lord Brice-Benington was the key to stop a potential menace to the Free World's security - a scandal like the Profumo affair that could unseat the British Government and give our enemies the secret plans to a weapon more deadly than the H-Bomb. Mod London, blackmail, drugs and some of the farthest-out sex ever - that's the background for The Coxeman's latest nonstop adventure.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780446543163

Grand Central Publishing