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The Vatican's Exorcists
The Vatican's Exorcists

The Vatican's Exorcists

Driving Out the Devil in the 21st Century

It is one of the most ancient, arcane, and, to some, embarrassing rites of the Roman Catholic Church. Yet the demand for exorcism-and trained exorcists-is booming. And although the number of priests who perform this dramatic ritual in Italy has risen ten times over the past decade, the Church has been unable to keep up with the skyrocketing demand. In THE VATICAN'S EXORCISTS, award-winning foreign correspondent Tracy Wilkinson reveals how "devil detox" has become an industry, complete with motivational speakers, international conventions, and plenty of controversy. She introduces us to Father Gabriele Amorth, the energetic octogenarian who has led a campaign to reestablish exorcism as a regularly practiced-and respected-rite. And based on her extensive interviews with Amorth, Church officials, scientists, and lay Catholics-as well as on the exorcism she witnessed herself-Wilkinson shows how modern exorcisms are performed and the impact they are having. Does the perception of demonic possession remove individuals' responsibility for their actions? Are the "possessed" actually suffering from mental or emotional problems that should be treated medically? Why are the majority of people receiving exorcisms women? Wilkinson shares the answers she received from Father Amorth and others to these questions and more. She also tells us how the rite is taught and what the exorcised have to say about the experience. Fair-minded, meticulously researched, and compellingly written, THE VATICAN'S EXORCISTS will take you into a world of ritual and belief filled with demons real or imaginary. It will be a journey unlike any you have ever taken before.

Genre: Religion

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