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Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method
Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method

Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method

The Weight-Loss Kick-Start that Makes Perfection Possible

Did you know muscles get bored, just like people do? And did you also know that there's a 9 out of 10 chance that you're working the wrong muscles when you exercise? With TRACY ANDERSON'S 30-DAY METHOD you don't have to worry-her unique workout and eating plan will help you drop the weight and shrink your body in no time.

Based on ten years of scientific research and experience getting clients red-carpet ready-A-listers or not-Anderson has developed a revolutionary program that defies genetics to tone, trim, and reshape the body. Most exercises incorrectly focus on bigger muscle groups, such as the biceps or hamstrings, when they should really be working the smaller accessory muscles. Anderson teaches you how to shift this focus, activating and challenging the smaller muscles to achieve a long, lean physique instead of a bulky look. The 30-Day Method will also prevent your muscles from getting bored; and the menus will help boost your metabolism.

This groundbreaking program includes:

  • three proven effective 10-day muscle work sequences
  • a dance cardio routine (featured on DVD) targeting the all-important accessory muscles
  • Tracy's exclusive 30-day kick-start meal plan and detox
  • dozens of delicious recipes.
This comprehensive plan is unlike any other workout on the market and it leaves no chance for anything but terrific, fast results!

Genre: Health & Fitness

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ISBN-13: 9780446562058

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