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The Letter of the Law
The Letter of the Law

The Letter of the Law

No parent ever expects his child to die young. So when Donald Sales's 22-year-old daughter is brutally murdered at law school, he comes undone.

In a fit of rage, Sales tells the police that he suspects Eric Lipton, one of his daughter's professors, is the killer. And when the arrogant but brilliant Professor Lipton is found in possession of her bloody underpants, Sales doesn't want the law professor in jail -- he wants him dead.

Lipton's attorney is Casey Jordan. As a law professor, Lipton knows quite well that anything he says to Casey cannot be used against him. Lipton adamantly denies murdering his young student and Casey believes him.

To Casey, the girl's father -- Donald Sales -- is a more logical suspect. His violent history makes Casey wonder if he is deranged by grief or by guilt. And when Casey discredits Sales on the witness stand and skillfully deflects the prosecution's attempt to connect Lipton with a series of similar murders, Casey believes that justice is at hand. But then -- just as the jury hands its "Not Guilty" verdict to the judge -- Lipton leans over and tells Casey that he is, in fact, the killer.

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Genre: Fiction

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