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At Long Last

Arabella Montgomery is outraged. Daniel, a notorious drunkard with a reputation for gambling, plied her younger brother with liquor and swindled him out of the Montgomery family plantation in a card game. Determined to get the plantation back, she vows to do whatever it takes. So she confronts Daniel and learns that he has just gambled away the property to Tony Daggett. Tony Daggett. Just his name sends shivers up Arabella's spine. A few years ago, she loved him more passionately than she had ever thought possible, and she trusted him implicitly. But Arabella discovered that Tony had seduced her as part of a wager with a friend, and she vowed to never speak to him again. But when Arabella shows up on Tony's doorstep, demanding that he return her family's property, he surprises her with a proposal. He will return the plantation to her family if she will become his mistress. Suddenly she feels her ordered world beginning to crumble--can she trust him with her heart again?

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759560444

Grand Central Publishing