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Biology of Success, The

Set Your Mental Thermostat to High with Dr. Bob Arnot's Prescription for Achieving Your Goals!

Dr. Bob's message is simple: The better your mood, the more successful you can -- and will -- be. To help the reader create mental energy and positive thought, Dr. Bob gets down to basics, explaining: 1 What to eat (and when to eat it) 2How to determine the right exercise -- and the right amount of exercise -- for you 3The importance of sleep and other physical rest 4How to improve your mood by reshaping and improving your immediate surroundings 5Tricks for better focusing your energy Filled with useful and inspiring examples from Dr. Arnot's own energy-charged life, as well as the secrets of some of the most successful people of our time, The Biology of Success will help thousands of readers achieve their goals by fundamentally changing the way their brain functions.

Genre: Health & Fitness

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ISBN-13: 9781594834752

Little, Brown & Company