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It's My Party

A Republican's Messy Love Affair with the GOP

My views were Republican, I voted Republican, I worked in a White House that was Republican. I had to admit it. I was as Republican as they come. That may have been obvious to you, but it came as a rude awakening to me. IT'S MY PARTY After Ronald Reagan, after George Bush, after Bill Clinton, where is the Republican Party headed today? This is exactly the question former White House speechwriter and special assistant to the president Peter Robinson asked himself-and the answers he discovered surprised even him. IT'S MY PARTY is part irreverent memoir, part "travel diary, " and part impassioned call to arms. In it, Robinson shows just what the GOP has got going for it-and how its most triumphant years are yet to come. Along with Robinson's personal, and sometimes hilarious, lifelong relationship with Republicanism, IT'S MY PARTY takes us through history and geography to trace the party's roots. It pushes the hot buttons of headline issues that other political professionals are afraid to touch. It introduces us to both the party's leaders and its foot soldiers, from George Bush, Sr. to Rep. Chris Cox, from Newt Gingrich to Bret Schundle

Genre: Philosophy

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ISBN-13: 9780759592520

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