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Talking Drum
Talking Drum

Talking Drum

A Selection from Pete Seeger: The Storm King

African music sets the stage as Pete describes his travels around the world and the complex communication that takes place in a small African village using the talking drum.

This single is part of the ongoing project called PETE SEEGER: THE STORM KING - an audio collection presenting seeger's spoken words as he captivatingly recounts his most engaging stories, narratives, and poems - set to new music, produced by world renowned percussionist/producer Jeff Haynes, from over 50 musicians from traditions as diverse as African Music, Blues, Bluegrass, Classical Guitar, Folk, Jazz, Native American Music, and World Beat.

This two-hour audiobook is available on CD and as a digital download, in bookstores and online where books and music are sold.

Talking Drum by Pete Seeger & Jeff Haynes
© Copyright - Jeff Haynes, Komunyaka Productions, LLC.
Music written by Samite Mulondo (Springs by the Old Tree)
Cover photo © Copyright Richard Dorbin (

Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Music

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ISBN-13: 9781478956235

Format: Audiobook

Hachette Original