Zombie-Loan, Vol. 12
Zombie-Loan, Vol. 12

Zombie-Loan, Vol. 12

(Zombie-Loan #12)

When Kanro, one of the Seven Member Committee seeking to eradicate all contradictions, sniffs out the stragglers from Z-Loan at a rundown motel and attempts to flush them down the data drain like their "deleted" comrades, Chika and Shito end up not in the ether-but as characters in a video game! Now on top of convincing the game's debugger, Koume (racking up as many part-time gigs as she can following the unfortunate train incident), not to erase them, the 8-bit duo has to team up with an old enemy if they want any chance at saving themselves and their friends in real time!

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

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ISBN-13: 9780316178006

Format: Trade Paperback

Yen Press