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Last Refuge of Scoundrels
Last Refuge of Scoundrels

Last Refuge of Scoundrels

A Revolutionary Novel

The American Revolution has never been seen for what it really was: a circus of greed and self-aggrandizement as much as a war waged by colonial radicals. Last Refuge of Scoundrels focuses on the American Revolution as it was lived, breathed, experienced, and dreaded by historical characters who were actually there--from famous leaders such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin to the ordinary folk whom history has neglected, yet who were vital in the winning of our country's freedom. The story centers on the star-crossed love affair between two patriots, John Lawrence (a key aide to Washington) and Deborah Simpson (an American spy who disguises herself as a soldier), and through their eyes the events of the revolutionary times unfold. Along the way, the reader gets an up-close and three-dimensional look at such American legends as John Hancock, Franklin, Sam Adams, Washington, and other key personalities of the time. Lussier's historical account of these figures present the reader with amost entertaining and revelatory look at what really happened when our country was born. These Founding Fathers are nothing like the staid portr

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759591653

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