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Good News for Bad Days
Good News for Bad Days

Good News for Bad Days

Living a Soulful Life

The young woman grieving over her mother's passing, the man blinded since birth, the little girl bored during a sermon . . . in these everyday trials is the miracle of life. . . .We all have bad days: periods of sadness or suffering that intrude upon our lives. But instead of simply wishing them away, we can envision our bad days as links to a wisdom far beyond what we may have imagined. In this wondrous, inspirational volume, Paul Keenan, a Roman Catholic priest for over twenty years, opens us to the balance and guidance that our soul continuously provides . . . and helps us see life for what it truly is: the soul's adventure--and a journey toward love.

Genre: Religion

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ISBN-13: 9780759562844

Grand Central Publishing