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Companions in Courage

Triumphant Tales of Heroic Athletes

As a perennial All-Star in the National Hockey League, Pat LaFontaine was one of the first American-born superstars in a sport dominated traditionally by Canadians and Europeans. Then in 1996 a blindside blow to the head smashed him to the ice. From that moment on, physically, psychologically, and spiritually, LaFontaine was a changed man. In this remarkable book--a book that must be read by everyone who thinks there are no true sports heroes anymore--LaFontaine chronicles his awakening to what winning and losing are really all about. 'Companions in Courage'. Even before his injury, LaFontaine had devoted time and money to helping kids with incurable diseases. But with his career cut short, LaFontaine began to survey the sports world and see whom he admired most. The answer was not a list of headline grabbers or record breakers. Instead, LaFontaine saw other athletes--some well known, some not--who had overcome incredible odds on and off their fields of competition. Now LaFontaine shares with us the extraordinary stories of these real heroes competing not just for wins or losses but, in many cases, for life itself.

Genre: Biography & Autobiography

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ISBN-13: 9780759591448

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