Zombie-Loan, Vol. 9
Zombie-Loan, Vol. 9

Zombie-Loan, Vol. 9

(Zombie-Loan #9)

Goaded by the doubts ARRC's Chitose raised during their battle at the school, Chika and Shito are now nursing some serious suspicions about Z-Loan's boss. Could it really be true that everything that led to the two becoming zombies was carefully plotted by Bekkou? The distrust in their hearts leads them to a shocking decision! Meanwhile, Michiru investigates Koyomi's family estate in an effort to save Yomi, who has disappeared from Koyomi's body. But making it back from the gate to the afterlife is no easy feat! Will this spell the end of Z-Loan as we know it!?

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

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ISBN-13: 9780759530980

Format: Trade Paperback

Yen Press