Zombie-Loan, Vol. 8
Zombie-Loan, Vol. 8

Zombie-Loan, Vol. 8

(Zombie-Loan #8)

Still trapped inside the ARRC's alternate dimension, Shito careens toward his partner as Chancellor Shimotsuki's ragtag group of rescued A- and Z-Loaners hijack the shinigami train and change its direction to find Chika. But when Michiru, separated from the others, lands herself plop in the middle of enemy territory, will Shito and Chika manage to regroup in time to come to her aid? The Loaners' showdown with Chitose and Caramelo of ARRC is finally here!

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

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ISBN-13: 9780759530973

Format: Trade Paperback

Yen Press