Nabari No Ou, Vol. 3
Nabari No Ou, Vol. 3

Nabari No Ou, Vol. 3

(Nabari No Ou #3)

The Hidden World seems less and less hidden as Togakushi Village approaches the ninjas of Banten with a proposition: In return for their help in taking out an eminent scientist-turned-weapons developer in the surface world, Togakushi will hand over their forbidden art scroll. But this job offer comes with strings attached as Togakushi's mind-reading chief holds Banten's deepest, darkest secrets hostage and threatens to reveal all if they refuse to play nice! Will Kumohira-sensei's decidedly peace-loving way of the ninja allow him to cover his hands in blood?!

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

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ISBN-13: 9780759530652

Format: Trade Paperback

Yen Press