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Little Acorn Grows Up

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Little Acorn Grows Up

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$8.99 US | $9.99 CAN
Available April 2, 2013

Board Ebook
  • Genre: Juvenile Fiction
  • Age Range: 3-6
  • Grade Level: P-1
  • Pages: 20
  • Dimensions: 8" x 6-1/4"
  • ISBN-13: 9780316127080

  About The Book

A little acorn fell to the ground...
and lay there patienty without a sound.
Along came white mouse.
"Little acorn, little acorn, what will you be?"
"Someday I'll be a great big tree..."

A companion book to Little Bee, The Acorn is every bit as clever, but with a gentler pace. By allowing the little acorn to grow and flourish into a grand and plentiful oak tree, the white mouse, the orange squirrel, the blue bird, the grey rabbit, and the red deer all realize how a tiny acorn can grow into a big tree that protects all of them.

Edward Gibbs has created a book of beautiful simplicity that takes young children on a thoughtful journey, which he manages to convey via text and visuals that engage and entertain even the very youngest audience. Exploring the virtue of patience, especially the patience to grow up, Little Acorn is a reminder that sometimes the smallest things hold the greatest potential. Featuring a soft cloth acorn on the cover and a larger board book trim, this book is as eye-catching as it is poignant.


Praise for Little Acorn Grows Up:

* "[A] charming exploration of color...Gibbs's lightly caricatured and exuberantly inked animals have personality to spare as the book moves steadily toward its comforting conclusion."

Publishers Weekly  (starred review)

"Gibbs's charming book benefits from his use of varied media." New York Times


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