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Hepatitis A to G
Hepatitis A to G

Hepatitis A to G

The Facts You Need to Know About All the Forms of This Dangerous Disease

Over six million Americans have it. More than 400,000 get it each year. Nearly forty-five people die from it each day. Find out everything you need to know about Hepatitis A to G.Hepatitis is a growing epidemic caused by many deadly viruses labeled A to G, each requiring different diagnoses and treatments. Easily contracted in many ways, from drinking water to casual contact to sexual intercourse, this debilitating disease poses a risk to everyone. Now for the first time in a definitive guide, here is the only book that gives you the solid facts on all forms of this illness. Written by viral expert Dr. Alan Berkman and science author Nicholas Bakalar, this comprehensive, easy-to-read volume clearly explains how each hepatitis virus is contracted and avoided, and, if you have it, how to treat it with the latest medical breakthroughs. In Hepatits A to G, learn about:7 The chronic, sometimes deadly viruses B, C, and D--and what treatments work best7 Certain strains that quickly strike children and teenagers--and whether they should be inoculated 7 The infectious dangers that can be found in your home7 Essential facts on preventing infect

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