Cat Paradise, Vol. 5
Cat Paradise, Vol. 5

Cat Paradise, Vol. 5

(Cat Paradise #5)

Can the student council save the world from cat-astrophe?!
The eleventh hour dawns upon the student council of Matabi Academy! With Kiba's recounting of what happened in Ftukago a thousand years earlier, the line between enemy and ally begins to blur. The fearsome cat Spirit Beast Kaen is on the verge of achieving his goal to release the other Spirit Beasts...with the help of the Princess of Futakago?! As the truth behind the barrier of Futakago is brought to light and the identity of the true enemy is revealed, Yumi, Kansuke, and their friends will have to fight for their lives, their school, and the fate of the entire world in the thrilling conclusion to Yuji Iwahara's Cat Paradise!

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

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ISBN-13: 9780316077378

Format: Trade Paperback

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