Bunny Drop, Vol. 5
Bunny Drop, Vol. 5

Bunny Drop, Vol. 5

(Bunny Drop #5)

Ten years have flown by since that fateful day when Daikichi first met Rin at his grandfather's funeral. While Daikichi may be still much the same-though perhaps a bit balder and a few pounds heavier-the wise-beyond-her-years Rin has blossomed into a smart, capable, and well-adjusted teenager. But as the trials and tribulations of high school and adolescence descend in full force upon the pair's cozy household, confusion plagues Rin as her relationship with her childhood friend Kouki begins to change into something different. Will Daikichi, who put his own love life on hold to take care of Rin, actually be able to provide her with the guidance she needs?!

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

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ISBN-13: 9780316210331

Format: Trade Paperback

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