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Anything Goes!
Anything Goes!

Anything Goes!

What I've Learned from Pundits, Politicians, and Presidents

In an era when news rules, Larry King has the best seat in the house. With our world being shaped and reshaped by a dizzying cast of characters and a merry-go-round of incredible events--from the blockbuster murder trial of a football icon to the near impeachment of the US president, charged for lying under oath about sex with an intern--Larry King is the man who asks the questions we all want to ask and gets the answers that make tomorrow's headlines. Now, in this fascinating, fast-paced book, King takes you inside his world and offers his perspective on American culture in overdrive at the turn of the millennium.Anything Goes! is a whirlwind tour of the 1990s as seen through the prism of CNN's Larry King Live, as Larry faces the cameras and phone calls with Monica and O.J., Al Gore, George W. Bush, and, of course, President Bill Clinton. Along the way, King analyzes the frantic interplay between the media and events, as a US presidential election is played out on talk shows, policies are made on network TV, and life-and-death trials become the electronic wallpaper of daily American life.As Larry relives his most controversial and su

Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Political Science

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