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The Red Room
The Red Room

The Red Room

Interviewing people in police custody is part of Dr. Kit Quinn’ s job. But when Michael Doll, a disturbed derelict caught hanging around a London schoolyard, breaks a mug and tears up her face during questioning, he also cracks her composure and self-confidence. The incident leaves her with recurring dreams of a red room, where nightmares become real.…

Three months later, Kit is again called upon to talk to Michael Doll after the police pick him up for the murder of a teenage runaway. Her colleagues in the department think that involving Kit in the case might help her recovery and put Doll behind bars for good. It doesn’ t do either. For Kit believes Doll didn’ t do it, and he walks free.

Touched by the fate of the homeless girl, Kit becomes involved in a dangerous, deadly inquiry. But when she links the teenager’ s murder to the high-profile case of a pretty blond housewife, abducted in broad daylight and killed, the main figure in the middle of it all is… Michael Doll As her investigation continues, Kit finds him always in the shadows. Outside her doorway. Inside her apartment. Calling her on the

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759565319

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