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Every Day I Love You More (Just Not Today)

Lessons in Loving One Person for Life

We all know the fantasy about our other half, the person we're destined to marry and the endless love that will sweep us away. In the fairy tale, every day after the wedding is summed up the same: And so they lived happily ever after. Yet ask anyone who has woken up after the honeymoon to find Prince Charming's socks on the floor, and she'll tell you a far different story: Daily life has a way of usurping the magic--unless we learn how to make more. Touching, perceptive, and often hilarious, EVERY DAY I LOVE YOU MORE (JUST NOT TODAY) is a guide to making love last. It celebrates the times that make married hearts soar and helps cushion the fall on those inevitable days when your prince looks a little bit froggy, like the Christmas he gives you business cards or the days he leaves his breakfast dishes on the table and his helpfulness at the office. The truth is that while romance often leads to marriage, marriage can be the death of romance. But marriage can also provide the laughter that breaks through the tears, the tenderness that softens the stressful days, and the hope that transcends the years. For amid the little disasters of ev

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759590700

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