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Pasquale's Nose
Pasquale's Nose

Pasquale's Nose

Idle Days in an Italian Town

Michael Rips quit his life as an appellate attorney and went with his wife and new baby to Sutri, a tiny Etruscan village outside of Rome. A fifth-generation Nebraskan, he had spent his entire adult life living in hotels. In Sutri he headed straight for the local cafi, and there begins the hilarious journey of Pasquale's Nose--Fellini-esque characters, local folklore, and the surprising revelation that this small town mirrors the author's own eccentric family.

Centered around a palazzo made of wine, Sutri has a rich history, maybe even as rich as the locals claim. Descended from Etruscans, the Sutrini have an annual festival for the native bean that cured Charlemagne's gout and saved Europe. The postman, who is said to be illiterate, rides his scooter around town delivering mail, a crowd of villagers trailing behind in the hopes of securing their letters during his coffee break. One of the most popular dishes in town is the Green Algae Bruschetta, invented by the postman. A remnant of the local gentry is famous for his ability to lay his healing hands on cars or tractors, fixing them instantly. And then there's Pasquale himself, a m

Genre: Travel

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